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Christine Batenga

InterviewingThe Founder

Interviewing The Founder

Christine Batenga

What drove you to establish the business?

Christine Batenga the Founder of Gracious Moments Events is organised, time conscious and loves detail. She enjoys seeing and making people happy and the number of smiles she brings on people’s faces determines her success.

She further acknowledges that functions like wedding and graduations are some of the most memorable occasions one will ever have in their lifetime. Organising these events to the satisfaction of the clients is however always a challenge and the cost is also sometimes prohibitive making it hard for everyone to have a function of their dream.

With the above background, GMEB therefore exists to serve God’s people with the best products on the market, at affordable prices and in a professional manner.

Your knowledge background in the field and supporting skills, achievements and qualifications?

Christine is a Professional Accountant and she started this business as a hobby with the love of seeing people smile and with my creativity and imagination skills putting myself in the shoes of my clients. This really worked for me and clients liked, enjoyed and commended my products.

Over the years, she has undertaken several short courses both locally and internationally to ensure that the clients get the best and is committed to continuous learning and training to ensure that the clients always have the best.

She also ensures that her staff are training in the relevant fields and are fit to serve the customers.

GMEB has been operating informally for over 10 years and was formerly registered as a company in 2015.

Goals and vision for the company

Our purpose is to glorify God through serving his people with the best and in a cost effective way.
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Gracious Moments Send us a message for your personalized event booking.

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